Petition - Derwent Beaches contamination

We, the people of Tasmania, note

  1. The faecal contamination event that occurred in the second week of January 2019 which led to the following exceptionally high levels of enterococci readings per 100mL:

    • 9,804 – Blackmans Bay (mid)

    • 373 – Nutgrove Beach (east)

    • 256 – Kingston Beach (north)

    • 161 - Hinsby Beach

  2. each of these readings was greater than the trigger warning level of 140 and, in the case of Blackmans Bay, seventy times the trigger warning level

  3. impacts of swimming in contaminated water include gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory illnesses, eye, nose and throat infections

  4. economic impacts of contaminated water include damage to Tasmania’s brand of ‘clean and green’, diminished reputation amongst visitors and negative publicity and word of mouth.

and we call on the State Government to take urgent steps to identify the problem, fix it and prevent its recurrence.

this petition will be presented to the State Government. First name, last name and postcode will be presnted. Your email address will be kept private at all times.

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